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composer for media 

Dan Sroka is a multi-instrumentalist who writes music for film, television, animation, web content, and video games. Currently based out of Los Angeles, Dan works with clients to help realize their vision related to music and sound elements. Dan recently composed the score for the acclaimed short thriller, The Twisted Doll. The film was accepted into a number of film festivals including the notable Polish Film Festival, held at the world famous Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. 

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Selected Works

Solemn               -  Short drama directed by Ryan Price. 

The Twisted Doll     -  Short psychological thriller directed by Andrew De Burgh. 

The Perfect Fit      -  Short romantic comedy directed by Jacinto Aganza.  

The Brick House      -  Feature length film directed by Gustavo Cervantes. (Sound Editor)

Boardwalk            -  Short Film directed by Mayur Chauhan.              

Wonderland           -  Digital Art short directed by Ramona Nicholas.     

Hallmark             -  Hallmark commercial directed by JD Melville.      

Race to the Cup      -  Honda Fit Commercial directed by JD Melville.      

Tickets to the Game  -  Short video directed by JD Melville.              

Beirut Car Chase     -  Action sequence.                                   

Magnet Trailer       -  Trailer for UFO themed film.                       







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